Disability Insurance Benefits are meant for qualified individuals who have been injured or are no longer capable of working. Your disability claim may have been denied, when you know you should be eligible.

A social security denial attorney will help with your appeal and help you claim what is justly yours. Our benefits denial law firm can help you with the process of filing for benefits for the first time, helping you fight to claim what’s yours and help make the complex process a simple one.

You may need help filing your claim but were told by other lawyers that they cannot help you until the claims are denied. You may be afraid of being turned away since you do not have the money to pay for expensive legal help. Look no further because we can help—learn your legal options today!


If you have filed your disability claim but were denied, or if you are having trouble filing for the first time with Social Security, you should not be alone in this battle. Our law firm is ready to fight on your behalf to appeal your claim and get it approved.

We have been involved and can help with all parts of the SSD claims procedure. We bring our extensive legal experience to get justice for the disabled who are entitled to compensation.

Our law firm works extensively with Social Security Disability law. We have helped countless clients throughout the country and can ensure your case is taken seriously and that you get a swift response under the law.

The fact that your disability claim was denied does not necessarily mean that you aren’t disabled. The most basic fact of the SSA disability process is simply that most cases will be denied, often because there wasn’t enough medical evidence to prove the case, forcing claimants to go through the disability appeal process. Disability claimants should never resign themselves to giving up on an SSDI or SSI claim. Quite the opposite, the moment a claim is denied means that you can appeal the denial, and the sooner you appeal, the sooner Social Security will schedule a hearing, which gives you the best chance of winning your claim.

Capitol Legal LLP is currently accepting Social Security Disability Denial cases in all 50 states. If you or somebody you know has suffered from Social Security Disability Denial, you should contact our lawyers immediately for a free case consultation.